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Rachel R. Jackson
Executive Director
Gloria Patterson-Williams
Executive Coordinator
Marilyn Grant, Volunteer Coordinator

Board of Directors

Kevin Kriesel, Board Vice Chairman,
Mia Stroter, Illinois Center for Autism
Shelita Gray, City Academy, Missouri, Missouri
Rachel R. Jackson,
Executive Director

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PCNFP Making Life Easier


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About Project Compassion, NFP

Rachel R. Jackson founded Project Compassion, NFP (PC-NFP) at just 25 years old. Since 2005, PC-NFP has assisted over 70,000 homeless, disadvantaged and low-income men, women and children with food, shelter, seasonal supplies, hygiene items, life skills workshops and vocational training.

PC-NFP has received local and national attention for their work including being featured on the Tyra Banks Show (February 2006). In June 2008 PC-NFP was awarded the Powerful Difference Award by ABC Radio & Pine Sol and has been featured in the June 2008 and December 2014 issues of Ebony Magazine. PC-NFP has been featured in numerous magazines and articles including MORE Magazine (July/August 2015), Oprah (O) Magazine (2015), Glamour Magazine (2015) and Southern Living (2015). Rachel and Project Compassion were honored by United Way at the Volunteer Honors Banquet (April 2013). PC-NFP opened the Compassionate Resource Center in Belleville, IL (2011). The Center offers classes and training to young women ages 16-35 and youth in grades 6th-10th

Rachel led the charge in PC-NFP receiving a Proclamation from the Mayor of Belleville, IL declaring October 29th “Compassion Day” in the city of Belleville (2014).

Rachel has launched the first Self-Esteem & Self-Worth program called Empower-Me in St. Clair County, IL working with school districts to inspire youth and girls by building beauty from the inside first, character building and continuing education. Project Compassion, NFP is the host of the Girlz On Purpose Tour (2014).

Who we assist:
Young women ages 15-35, girls and youth in grades 6th-12th who are considered low-income and/or in jeopardy of becoming homeless.

Who we are:
Project Compassion, NFP, has provided outreach to homeless/income families since 2005. PC-NFP has served over 70,000 individuals through resources, workshops, and trainings. We have provided over 7,000 personal care and seasonal items, and provided ongoing assistance to 4 low-income shelters in St. Clair County, IL. PC-NFP has been instrumental in becoming the bridge to services and the needs that these individuals are facings

What we provide:
PC-NFP has developed quality programs aimed to increase the employability of clients served while providing training to successfully transition individuals from homeliness to independence. Programs assist and address those high need areas where our clientele experience the greatest challenges toward becoming self-confident and independent, including: socialization, life skills, and developing leadership abilities. PC-NFP offers (10) workshops facilitated by a certified Life Skills Instructor: Self-esteem, Job Etiquette, Job Readiness, Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness, and Mentoring.

Compassionate Resource Center:
The Compassionate Resource Center was designed for young women and girls to have a stable and positive place to find resources, empowerment and support needed to strive in their current state of poverty or as they attempt to build a successful life in spite of the odds against them.

Mother and Daughter

"Blessed is he who consider the poor" Psalms 41:1
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