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Project Compassion, NFP Programs

Community Compassion Program: This program is designed to assist with meeting emergency and basic needs of single mothers that are living in shelters or considered low-income and need assistance. This program is designed to create an Individualized Action Plan that would help them implement life skills, educational training, financial literacy and job readiness training into their daily lives. Outreach is offered on Compassion Day to homeless men and women living on the streets. Non-perishable meals, hygiene and seasonal supplies are distributed to the homeless living on the streets, each month. We also provide; when available new car seas, pampers, bottles and diapers.

Striving For Excellence Program: This program is designed for youth and young adults ages 14-24. We offer Professional Development, Life skills training, Workforce development training, Vocational training and Continuing Education training and support. We assist these young adults with setting, implementing, and reaching their goals and having a successful life. Workshops are held both on-site at our Compassionate Resource Center, Belleville or off-site by request.

Girlz Enrich-Me Program: Offers three (3) programs exclusively for girls.

*Empower-Me: is a middle/high school based program. Girls meet each week for one hour to discuss and build self-esteem, self-worth, conflict management, and social skills. This program also offers positive behavior reinforcement with a focus on attitude, decision making, and responsibility. Participants in this program lack the positive support system needed to continue their education and/or avoid falling victim to the negative environment in which they live in. We provide mentoring and a positive support system to ensure each girl continues their education and continue down the road of success.

*Imagine-Me Summer Program: is a nine (9) week summer camp for girls ages 13-16. Participants are also struggling with social issues (making and maintain friends), new to the school which they attend, currently living in a single parent home, living in a foster care setting, recently experienced a change in family dynamics such as; (divorce, death of a love one). Girls growing up in impoverished communities face myriad pitfalls; however; the Imagine-Me program aims to help steer these young girl who are struggling with self-esteem and character issues prior to returning back to school.

*Girlz On Purpose Tour: is a 1-day tour for girls ages 11 to 18 to navigate self-esteem, education, and character discussions in a fun, energizing, and inspiring day. The first tour was launched in 2014. Girlz On Purpose has welcomed girls throughout St. Clair County, Madison County and St. Louis communities.

SPECIAL PROGRAM NOTE: Compassion Day was our first program started in 2005. This program was placed in the heart of our founder Rachel R. Jackson. She often shares that Project Compassion, NFP was founded as a way to show God's love and compassion to those who may have lost hope due to their circumstances of not having a shelter or enough food. Through Compassion Day monthly outreach many lives have been touched, it is the core and the foundation of who we are.

“Unless we are willing to share with others and give back to those who are less fortunate we have not obtained the true meaning of love, kindness and Compassion. Our motto "Homeless but still human"…RRJ

If you would like a presentation on any of our programs please contact our office; 618-397-1790 .

"Blessed is he who consider the poor" Psalms 41:1






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