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Project Compassion, NFP / Questions and Answers

Q) When can we go?
A) Project Compassion, NFP Compassion Day is the 3rd or 4th Saturday of each month. Starting January 30th-October 31st. Visit www.projectcompassionnfp.org to see our calendar for open months. You can always contact our Volunteer team at compassion@projectcompassionnfp.org.

Q) Who can come?
A) Project Compassion, NFP Compassion Days are designed for youth groups ages 10-18 years, young adults, adults, and seniors. Multi-Generational families are welcome as well. Each group must be led by an individual at least 21 years of age. We require a ratio of 1 adult leader for every 7 youths 10-18 years of age. You must have a minimum of 6 in a group. A signed release must be current and on file with our office prior to your service date.

Q) Is Transportation available?
A) Project Compassion, NFP does have a 15 passenger van but is limited in seating due to cargo space that is needed. We do ask that each group have their own transportation. We do not allow cars to follow during our distribution. Everyone must be in one bus/van.

Q) Where do you find those in need?
A) Under bridges, Doorways, Parks, and Shelters

Q) What donations are accepted?
A) We are accepting monetary donations, new socks, toiletries, NEW blankets, knit caps and gloves. Your registration of $25.00 does go toward supplies that are needed for the month.

Q) Is it safe?
A) Yes, we have a security team that travels with us, and we work on a buddy system.

Q) Where do you find those in need?
A) Under bridges, doorways, parks, and vacant buildings

Q) How do you know what to give?
A) We try to use our own daily life as a blueprint. Those things we use daily to prepare for the day are the same things that the less fortunate needs.

Q) How can I help?
A) You can help in four ways.

1) Daily prayer for the homeless and Project Compassion.
2) sending a monetary donation to the address listed on the back.
3) Call or send an e-mail with a group of volunteers to assist.
4) Holding supply drives for Care Package items and Winter Items.

Q) Is it safe?
A) Yes, we have a security team that travel with us and we work on a buddy system.

Q) How often can we volunteer ?
A) As often as you like just call a month in advance.


"Blessed is he who consider the poor" Psalms 41:1
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