Programs and Services

A woman stands behind sitting two girls; they are all smiling at the Girlz on Purpose Event
Rachel feeds the homeless
A group of girls holding home-made signs

What We Offer

Project Compassion, NFP offers various programs and services to help our local community. If you or your child would like to enroll in any of our programs listed below, please contact our office at 1-618-397-1790 or email us at [email protected]!

Striving For Excellence Program

Our Striving for Excellence program offers programs and services for youth ages 14-25. They are either from low-income households, are working, are in school, or in a vocational training program. We help individuals in this program with setting, implementing, and reaching their goals and having a successful life. Therefore, we offer workshops in life skills, workforce development and continuing education.

Youth Enrich-Me Program

Our Youth Enrich-Me program offers 5th-12th grade youth many empowerment programs and services. Our program is for youth who are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Are struggling socially with making and keeping friends
  • Have problems with conflict and communication skills
  • Are new to the school they are attending
  • Are currently living in a single-parent home or foster care setting
  • Who recently experienced a change in their family, such as divorce, death of a loved one, or separation from their siblings

Community Compassion Program

Our Community Compassion Program offers a mission and community service day where we prepare and give out non-perishable meals, hygiene items, and seasonal supplies to low-income and homeless individuals.

We also offer these services in-house:

  • Diaper bank
  • Free store
  • Therapy
  • Mentoring support
  • Housing resources
  • Free café where families can eat on the weekends